The-RockThere has been a lot of news in the sporting world and movie world. There’s always news, but there has been some stories that have stood out from the rest, which includes the Rock packing on a lot of muscle and Stephen Curry possibly getting an MVP award and much more. If you’re interested in learning more about those stories, as well as other noteworthy news stories that have recently gotten press, then continue to read the rest of this article or you can watch ┬álive tv top channel.

Believe it or not, The Rock, real name Dwayne Johnson, plays Hobbs in Fast 8, and his three main jobs include dominating, destroying and raising the bar. Well, in real life Johnson has already been packing on muscle. When he was in Baywatch, Johnson weight around 235 pounds of pure muscle, but he is now on his way to being around 255 pounds of muscle. This means he has gained roughly 14 pounds of mass.

So, what has Johnson been doing to get massive? Nobody can really be sure. One thing is for certain and that is Johnson has trained very hard and his results are showing, has learned top channel live journalists from close relations to the rock.

stephen-curryIn other news, Stephen Curry is getting ready to win the NBA MVP award, which will be the second year in a row for him. As of now, the NBA has not announced the MVP. If Curry officially receives the award, then he will only be one of the few players to receive it in consecutive years.

In the movie world, Captain America (Civil War) has gone on to become very profitable, as it raked in a little more than $180 million. There may be other very profitable comic book films. In fact, a sequel to X-Men Apocalypse is going to be released and it will take place in the 90s. This means Wolverine will be in the movie, showing off his signature look.

In sports again, Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers played a great game as he three consecutive pump-fakes at Thabo Sefolosha. Cleveland ended up winning against the Atlanta hawks. The final score was 100-99, according to live tv top channel.

claudio_ranieri_live-tvClaudio Ranieri is a product of his own success, and it looks like he is on his way to possibly winning a World Cup for his country. Carlo Tavecchio, the president of Italian Football Federation, said he hoes Italy can score a World Cup and that every in his second sporting homeland is hoping he has a lot of success. Only time will tell if Ranieri has what it takes to win a World Cup.

American weightlifters competed in Salt Lake City recently and they broke some national records. They competed at the Weightlifting National Championships. One of the records broken was for the snatch, which Derrick Jonson performed a snatch with 275 pounds and he weighs 62kg.