When you are playing video games, you can practically do anything that you want. You can slay dragons, fight off alien invasions, bust drug rings and crime lords, or play a bad guy yourself. Regardless of what genre you play or how you play them, there’s ideas and advice in this article that can maximize your video game time.


You might be of a generation that got used to buying both a game plus a cheat manual with tricks and codes, but now that the Internet is out there, that’s where you should look for tips and tricks to get you through a game. Cheat books still come out but their information might be out of date by time of print, as patches and updates can change a game overnight, especially when forced on console users before they can play the game again.

If any game ever starts frustrating you to the point of being stuck, then put it down and come back to it later. The longer you stay angry in front of your screen, the more your blood will boil. Take a quick break to get a little physical activity, or maybe a snack, and then approach it fresh. Alternatively, wait until the next day and Netflix instead, or wait until friends can join you, depending on the game.

If you play RPGs, never pass up conversations with nonplaying characters (or NPCs). That boring woman walking innocently down the road might be an assassin looking to stab you in the back, might have a clue on your larger quest, or just need a hand from a hardy warrior to save her family so you score gold, loot, or a killer weapon.

Consider renting video games rather than buying them.  You can use game rental services to try out games before paying full retail for them. Take a look at multiple services to see selections and shipping options. These are especially useful for games you think might like to play a little, but not sink a thousand hours into.

Consider playing free mobile games so you dont neccesary need to spend money on them. An interesting puzzle game is Guess The Emoji game. You can find hints online for this gamet at www.guesstheemojianswers.net.

Another good way to save money on video gaming is by using auction sites or resellers. Video games are notorious for starting out at sixty or more dollars and then dropping to just a few bucks a year later, so check out eBay, Amazon and other websites for games you have been waiting for. Pay close attention though for seller ratings to be sure your game is not scratched up and will actually work.

Follow some gaming bloggers that you like to read, especially if they follow genres and platforms or consoles that appeal to you. If you work full time, you probably do not have as much time on your hands to follow the video game industry as a professional blogger does, so pick up what you can from them about what games to play and how to play them.

If you have kids in your home that play video games, be sure to know what ESRB ratings are and how to read them on the cases or labels of games. Certain video games are not just overly violent, but contain severe profanity and sexual content on par with rated R movies. Use these rating to keep your kid from seeing things you do not want them to.

Another thing to worry about even more as a parent is mods to video games, especially on PC games or mods created by other players. There’s no set rating system for user-generated content, and Internet trolls or jokers love turning even innocent kids games into adult-oriented perversion.

Saving worlds, conquering them, or just flat out laying waste to them are all things possible in certain video games. These episodes of escapism let you do things you wish you could do in real life or at least let out stress that builds up in your real world life. With luck, the ideas and advice of this article will level up your gaming experiences and skills so that you get more out of it than ever before.